Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pay Attention To Regional Streaming Services

Simfy Africa logo image
When we think of streaming services we automatically think of the global players like Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.

It's true that they have the a great deal of the current streaming subscribers, but they don't have them all, and probably won't get many in certain areas of the world.

A good example is Africa, who streaming abounds, but not so much with the big players.

The reason is that many people there don't have bank accounts (along with some 2.5 billion people in the world), but most of them do have mobile phones.

Check out the following services are tied primarily to mobile carriers (in order of total revenue):

1. Simfy (South Africa)
2. Spinlet (Nigeria)
3. Tigo (Tanzania/Ghana)
4. Mdundo (Kenya)
5. iRoking (Nigeria)
6. Vuga (Nigeria)
7. Miziiki (Tanzania)
8. Mkito (Tanzania)
9. Orin (Nigeria)
10. LasGidaTunes (Nigeria)

The point is that if you want to address a regional fanbase, you can more easily target the country if you know which streaming services they listen to. Don't rely on just on the global services as they may not be popular with the fans or potential fans you want to address.

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