Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get Your Metadata Right

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One of the major reasons why artists often don't get paid is because of missing metadata from their songs.

No matter if you're submitting to an aggregator like Tunecore for digital distribution, directly to a digital distributor like Soundcloud, or even a music supervisor for consideration, it's imperative to have the following metatags filled in.

1. Name(s) of artist(s)
2. Names(s) of composers
3. Name(s) of performers
4. Song Title
5. Album title (if any)
6. Label
7. Publisher
8. Year Released
9. Track Number
10. Genre
11. Producer
12. Contact (yours/management)
13. Performing Rights Society Affiliation (ASCAP, BMI, etc.)
14. Mood
15. BPM

Mood and BPM might seem incidental, but they're really important for music libraries and music supervisors, so take the time and fill them in.

Yes, filling in all the metadata takes some work, but not only does it ensure you'll more easily get paid, but it will give your song a better shot at being placed as well.


J Willoughby said...

Thanks, Bobby!

Unknown said...

This is good advice but you really ought to include the track's ISRC (the standard code that is used to identify sound recordings and music video recordings) in the metadata - it will help ensure that royalties find their way to the right place because matching text is error-prone.

If you can include the ISWC of the composition, that is good too. That will be easier to do if it's a cover version of an existing work.

Paul Jessop (County Analytics Ltd and Executive Director of the US National ISRC Agency)


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