Thursday, July 2, 2015

Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio Pros And Cons

Beats 1 Radio image
Now that Apple’s new streaming music service Apple Music has officially launched, perhaps the biggest question remaining is how much the Beats 1 global radio station will add to it. If you haven’t checked it out yet (and you probably haven’t since it just live yesterday), Beats 1 operates 24/7 from Los Angeles, New York and London and is said to eschew the commonly used radio consultant data used by just about every terrestrial radio station these days in favor of the tastes of the DJs playing the music.

So what does that mean exactly? If we look at the big picture for the success of the station there are a number of possible pros and cons.

Beats 1 Pros
  • Both terrestrial and online playlists are so tightly controlled today that you basically hear the same songs anywhere you go. Beats 1 can break this logjam with some fresh new music that can make listening to radio an adventure again as it was before consultants ruled.
  • Beats 1 is free and available to everyone. You don’t have to be an Apple Music “member” to access the station, which is great for both exposure and an introduction to potential new customers for the service.
  • It differentiates Music from the rest of the streaming pack. At least at the moment, there is no other streaming service that offers a similar feature.
Beats 1 Cons
  • The big one is actually more of question as it’s the great unknown - Do people really care about curated content and music discovery from a non-interactive stream? And, do they care enough about it to make a difference? Read more on Forbes.

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Peter McDonald said...

I have not looked into the radio section much personally but to be honest I do not expect my tastes to be catered for. I fully expect it to be mainly directed towards pop.

I personally would listen to curated music if it was directed at the genre's I am interested in.


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