Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A List Of Every City's Favorite Song

Musical City Map image
Spotify recently did an analysis of its users to find out which songs were being played the most in each city. The results are pretty surprising to say the least.

Needless to say, tastes are very different in just about every region of the United States, which when it comes down to it, is really a good thing.

Here's what Spotify found:

Atlanta: Lil Donald, "Juice"
Austin: Bob Schneider, "Honeypot"​​​
Baltimore: Young Moose, "Dumb Dumb"
Boston: Thundercat with Flying Lotus, "Them Changes"
Chicago: King Louie, "B.o.n."
Houston: Slim Thug with Joel Osteen, "Chuuch"
Los Angeles: Grupo Maximo Grado, "Unas Heladas"
Miami: Chocolate, "Guachineo"
Nashville: Elliot Root, "Punks and Poets"
New Orleans: Showboy Cj with Sissy Nobby, "Josephine Beat"
New York City: ​Thundercat with Flying Lotus, "Them Changes"
Philadelphia: PnB Rock, "Fleek"
Portland, Oregon: Sylvan Esso, "Wolf"
San Francisco: Nef the Pharaoh, "Big Tymin'"
Seattle: Sam Lachow, "Banana Goo Pie"
St. Louis: Vega Sills with La4ss, "Momma"

Agree or disagree?
Agree or disagree?

Thanks to Jesse Jaye for the heads up.


Peter McDonald said...

Is it bad that I don't recognise any of those?

Anonymous said...

Peter McDonald - You and me both. Never heard of a single one of them.

Rand said...

Diversity and variety are a good thing; which is much more than I can say for these music examples themselves.

Either this survey is rigged or just shows how deaf and ear-polluted most people have become to real music of quality and taste. WTF?


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