Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Soundcloud Streams To Be Limited

SoundCloud stream limits image
In a move that may upset many users, SoundCloud will introduce limits on the number of streams outside it's network as of July 1st. That means that any song played via a third-party app will be limited to 15,000 streams in a 24 hour period.

SoundCloud said that the move was to counter "an increasing number of applications that abuse content."

To be clear, this does not affect songs that are embedded and streamed directly from the SoundCloud app. The limit only affects its API.

Many developers who use the SoundCloud API are up in arms because they were only given 15 days notice, which they claim isn't enough to reprogram their app.

The service is facing increasing competition with Apple Music about to come online, and YouTube's Music Key waiting in the wings, so this isn't a great time to be upsetting anyone in its ecosystem.

You can read SoundCloud's announcement directly here.

1 comment:

The Big Dog said...

15 days definitely seems unreasonable. I sympathise with the app developers. I know everyone is concerned about Apple Music but it's not like the launch hasn't been known about for months.


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