Monday, December 1, 2014

Music Tastes Of Americans

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Nielsen's Music 360 report is always a good read, and the 2014 version has some great info on the music listening habits, preferences and tastes of Americans. It's a great way to spot the latest trends and get some meaningful insight in how we consume music. Here are some of things we learned.
  • Americans really do like music, as 93% listens to it, spending more than 25 hours a week doing so.
  • 75% of Americans would rather listen to music than watch television.
Where do we listen to music most?
   - In the car - 23%
   - While working - 16%
   - While doing chores at home - 15%
   - While doing other activities - 13%
   - While exercising - 12%
  • Radio is the top music delivery system, with 59% consuming their music that way.
  • 48% consume most of their music from their own libraries
  • 41% from on-demand streaming services like Spotify and YouTube
  • 36% from radio-like streaming like Pandora or iTunes Radio
  • A surprising and important stat is that 18% have purchased a song while streaming it.
The phone is really important when it comes to music delivery, although it only comes in their behind radios and computers when it comes to listening devices. That said, 39% of smartphone owners purchased music on their devices, which was up from 34% a year ago.

Americans appetite for music is not diminishing as many fear, but although streaming and smartphones are coming on strong, it's still good old fashioned radio that we still love the most.

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Unknown said...

59% listen to the radio? The radio must be a lot more popular here in the UK.


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