Monday, July 14, 2014

Basic Metadata Every Song Should Have

Metadata image
We're increasingly living in a world built around metadata, which is the descriptive information about the primary data like a song file. Metadata is often overlooked by songwriters, artists and bands because it takes time and some additional research that many just don't want to put it. Meta data is becoming more and more important though, as we move into the age of streaming music.

Why is it important? The metadata of a song contains all the info about who should get paid, including songwriters, publishing company, record label, and performing rights organization. That alone should be enough reason to fill in the blanks. But another big reason is that because song placement on film and television is so important to an artist's income these days, metadata has become vital to the very people who decide what makes the cut - music supervisors.

In order to cover all your metadata needs, here's what to include with every song, especially if you're trying for a sync placement:

1. Name of artist
2. Name of songwriter
3. Song title
5. Album title
6. Label
7. Publisher
8. Year the song was released
9. The track number of the song on the album
10. The musical genre that the song falls into
11. Producer
12. Contact (either yours or management)
13. Performing rights organization you're affiliated with (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)
14. Mood of the song
15. BPM of the song

It seems like a lot of info, but if you want a placement, it's all vital in rising above the competition.


Anonymous said...

Great post! But how to you attach this meta data? I'm guessing an application like iTunes? Mmmmm. Must Google this one... cheers...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, writing about how to put this in would be helpful


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