Thursday, May 8, 2014

What People Listen To At Work

Benefits of music at work image
Did you ever wonder about the musical tastes of the people you work with? Spotify recently did a study of what people listen to at work and why, and the results are fascinating. According to the study:
  • 61% of people listen to music at their desks, and say it makes them happier and more productive
  • 36% said it helps them through their day, specifically from 9AM to 1PM and 2 to 4PM
  • 20% said music alleviates boredom
  • 16% use music to drown out annoying co-workers
But it was the tastes of listeners at work that was most interesting.
  • 34% gravitated to pop and chart toppers
  • 29% preferred rock
  • 22% played indie
Who were the artists that most listened to?
  • Adele - 16%
  • Arctic Monkeys - 14%
  • Rihanna - 13%
  • Mumford & Sons - 13%
  • Bruno Mars - 12%
  • Beyonce - 12%
  • Katy Perry - 12%
Remember that this study is based around what people listen to on Spotify, and doesn't necessarily apply to any other distribution medium, but it's still interesting.

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