Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Billboard's New Twitter Charts

Billboard logo image
Twitter has showed his music muscle once again, signing an agreement with Billboard Magazine to institute a number of real time Twitter charts. The charts will monitor not only the top tracks by popular artists, but also the ones with the most engagement.

Billboard is built around its more than 200 charts, which are recognized worldwide as the gold standard for success of a release. Adding additional charts derived from a social network like Twitter is a move to keep the company more relevant and timely in today's market.

While all this sounds well and good, the new charts do put an additional burden on an artist to develop a Twitter following. Although Twitter can hardly be ignored by any artist these days, it's sometimes not as emphasized in an artist's marketing the way other social networks are. That could all change with the creation of these charts.

If there ever was a good reason to get a Twitter account, it's these new Billboard charts.

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