Monday, March 17, 2014

Simple Things To Help Your Music Career

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Sari Delmar wrote a great piece in Music Think Tank called "15 Quick and Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Music Career." There are a lot of great ideas there, but here are the first 5.

#1 Remember Peoples’ Names 
Ya ya ya, you meet a lot of people… we get it. If you want people to remember your name, you better sure as hell try to remember theirs. Find a good system. Make notes. Facebook stalk. Do something.
#2 Send Thank You Notes 
A small and simple gesture that goes a long way to ensure you leave a great impression.
#3 Database Relentlessly
Keep organized and detailed databases of your mailing list, the local media, your supporters, promoters, and everything else. This will save you tons of time and help you manage relationships with ease. There’s a kazillion great databasing tools out there and a simple spreadsheet does the trick as well.
#4 Role Play
Now this is a fun one! As an indie band you often need to wear a number of different hats. One minute you are a publicist, the next you’re an agent, and the next moment you’re a merchandiser. It can happen so fast sometimes it’s easy to forget the intricacies that make each of these professionals so good at their jobs. Every time you write an email or make a call in one of these roles, approach it as if you are the best publicist, agent, or merchandiser in the world and think about what a professional in that field would do. Then do it. This will help people take you professionally.
#5 Read Up 
Being well read will do more for you then make you look cool while schmoozing industry types. Watching the industry, keeping tabs on changes, and more will allow you to make the best strategic decisions possible, and managing a band or being in one is all about strategic decisions, as I’m sure you know. Websites like Hypebot and Billboard Biz are good starting points.
The rest of the post is well worth checking out. You can see it here.

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