Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Who Says You Need Only One YouTube Channel?

YouTube logo image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Many artists and bands don't spend nearly enough time tending to their YouTube channel as they should, but even the ones that do may find that having only one channels isn't enough.

For example, a new study by Pixability shows that the top 100 global brands have a total of 1,378 individual channels with over 258,000 videos posted, and they attracted 9.5 billion views. 56 of those brands have 10 or more channels. The only one of the top 100 brands that didn't have a YouTube channel was financial giant Morgan Stanley (I guess their customers don't have time to spend online).

Which brands have the most channels? It might surprise you.
3M          43
Disney    41
Nike        41
IBM        41
Google    40
Samsung 34
Sony        34
Philips     34
Oracle     34
IKEA      33

Who produces the most videos? That might surprise you too.
MTV - 23,000+
Thomson/Reuters - 23,000+
Disney - 15,000+
Google - 12,000+
Samsung - 12,000+
Sony - 10,000+
Intel - 8,000+
Seimans -7,000+
Nokia - 6,000+
Cisco - 6,000+

Who are the top social video marketers? Try Adidas, Apple. Samsung and Sony, all tied at number 1.

What are the conclusions of the study?
  • Having more targeted channels gets more views, but only if you regularly post on them. A targeted channel for a band might mean one that's dedicated to unplugged performances, or one that only has live performances, or one that's dedicated to the personalities of the band.
  • The more videos you make, the better. And they can be different lengths and have different quality levels.
  • The more you use social media to announce your videos, the more views you'll get.
You can see the slide show for yourself (there's a lot more data there) at Slideshare.

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