Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Victory For The Boss Becomes A Disaster

Bruce Springsteen live image
Bruce Springsteen wants to sell you live recordings of his concerts. On the surface this sounds like a giant win for the Boss, since fans have long been clamoring for official recordings of his shows. But execution is everything, and it looks like Team Springsteen really missed on this one at least at first, but are trying their best to make it right. The only question is if it's in time to avoid some bad blood within the fanbase.

It all started when the Boss's management announced that in order to buy a concert recording you'd have to buy a $40 wristband with a USB flash drive attached to it. After you received it, you then had the privilege to purchase a single concert within 48 hours, using the flash drive as an encryption key.

This sounds to be on the expensive side, and considering that the concerts are available in MP3 format instead of a lossless format like FLAC, it really is. The Springsteen community was outraged, since Pearl Jam, Mettalica, John Fogerty, et al, only charge $10 for an MP3 and $15 for FLAC file. To make matters worse, you were also charged $8.95 for postage, unless you purchased the wristband at the show.

The good news is that as a result of the public blowback, Team Springsteen has now relented, dropped the wristband idea, and rolled back their prices to match those of other artists.

The sad part of this is that Bruce's common man image has taken a hit from this. You can't be for your hard-working fans when you're trying to gouge them. Everyone knows that Bruce is wealthy well beyond what the vast majority of his fans will ever be. Trying to wring a few extra bucks out of your fanbase never sits well them.

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Mike Romkey said...

Typical liberal entertainer. Power to the people, up against the wall Wall Street and Republicans, now smile and give me a high-five while I gouge you and act sanctimonious.


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