Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Tricks When Hunting For A URL Name

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Here's my take on a great article recently posted on the HostBaby blog about what to do if the URL name you really want is taken.

1. Go with ".com" if you can. You'll sacrifice traffic and search engine position with ".org," ".net," or any other extension.

2. Don't use a dash in between words. It's tempting, but people don't remember dashes and will just type in the word without it, so they won't reach your site as a result.

3. If the name you want is taken, look for a variation that's unique. If "" is taken, you can always go with "," "the,"," or any number of others.

4. Don't buy names that end in anything other than a ".com" extension. Nobody wants to have someone be a predator and usurp your search engine rank and traffic by using a ".net" extension or the like, but Google has actually has stopped much of this from happening anyway with its latest search algorithm.

Makes finding the right URL a lot easier, right? Happy URL hunting!

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