Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 Factors That Make Videos Go Viral

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We'd all like to have our video go viral, but as everyone knows, it's a lot harder to make that happen than that seems. There's so much luck involved in the process that it's difficult to actually pinpoint why it ever happens at all. That said, Online Video Insider came up with a fine list of factors that make a video go viral on YouTube or any other online video portal.

1. It has to be authentic. Things that are staged don't usually go viral.

2. It can't easily be reproduced. Uniqueness has a lot to do with virility.

3. It's odd. Something far out of the ordinary could catch on.

4. It's humorous. We all love to laugh, and videos that makes us do that have a better chance of spreading.

5. It's the music. Something what's unique or special about a musical piece can help it go viral.

6. There's something surprising. The unexpected result in a video makes us want to share.

7. There's something super impressive. Feats that are far beyond normal have a good chance to go viral.

8. It's a parody of something. Or better still, if something in your video can be parodied or copied.

9. It's painful or embarrassing. It's human nature to revel in someone else's pain or embarrassment, but take care not to intentionally hurt or embarrass someone else.

10. It's timely to the culture of today. This can be fleeting as pop culture constantly changes.

While any one of these things can be enough to make a video go viral, combine several of them and you may have a winner.

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