Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The YouTube Channel Charts

Tubfilter Top 50 Chart image
If you've ever wondered which YouTube channels are the most popular, now you can see exactly which one's are getting the big views. The new Tubefilter Charts are powered by the data from OpenSlate that monitors 50,000 channels and then determines the top 50 channels worldwide and in the US. While you can take a look at them all for yourself on the Tubfilter site, if you're short on time, here's the top 10 worldwide:

1. Psy - 45.640 million
2. Muyap - 44.242
3. PewDiePie - 32.393
4. The Ellen Show - 32.784
5. SkyDoesMinecraft - 31.141
6. BBC - 25.220
7. The Fine Brothers - 25.029
8. Rhianna VEVO - 24.753
9. MovieClips Trailers - 24.049
10. ArabIdol - 23.798

The interesting to note that Psy still remains so popular, and that The Ellen Show ranks so high around the world. Now let's take a look at the US charts.

1. The Ellen Show - 34.327 million
2. SkyDoesMinecraft - 30.596
3. MovieClips Trailers - 24.788
4. RoosterTeeth - 23.872
5. Rhianna VEVO - 21.586
6. RyanLewis Productions - 20.786
7. Justin Bieber VEVO - 18.047
8. smosh - 17.665
9. IGN Entertainment - 15.310
10. Pink VEVO - 15.062

The Ellen Show, SkyDoesMinecraft, MovieClips Trailers and Rhianna VEVO all show up on both charts, and while it makes sense that their channel views are different, in the case of The Ellen Show and SkyDoesMinecraft, they're larger in the US than worldwide. That doesn't quite make sense, but the actual numbers aren't as important as the chart position.

The best reason to know about this chart is so you can look at popular channels to learn why they're so popular. That doesn't mean you necessarily have to like the content, but they're a good study what makes a YouTube channel tick.

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