Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taking Advantage Of YouTube's Redesign

YouTube logo image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blogI don't know if you noticed, but YouTube quietly redesigned its site over the last few months. What you now see is a streamlined version that's a lot less cluttered so that it fits better with mobile browsing. YouTube is trying to make the site stickier, so the emphasis is now more on channels rather than individual viewing, although that's not something that's particularly overt. And of course, the more social they can make it, the better, since that adds to the stickiness as well.

As with other social sites, a redesign frequently means that you must do some updating in order to take full advantage of the new features, and this case is no exception. Here are some things that you an do:

1. Select an avatar. The channel avatar is your main marketing image and appears everywhere across your channel, so choose it wisely.

2. Choose your channel details. Both the name of your channel and the description also appear in a number of places, so it's important that you take care in how they're created. For instance, in some cases only 45 characters of your description appear next to your avatar, so make sure that you can get your message across with those limitations.

3. Choose your video metadata. This includes being sure that you have a keyword in your video's title (preferably the first word), and you have both an informative description (don't skimp on the copy here) and the appropriate links included.

People forget how important SEO is for their videos, but the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google is a good enough reason to pay extra attention to the details.


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1 comment:

Puiu said...

It looks better on mobile, but they made some weird choices:
1. i can't put my fav channels on top of my other subscriptions like i could before. that small box is so hard to use if you have a lot of subscriptions and you can't remember how one channel was named
2. when i watched a video i could have use the drop down part on the top to see more videos from the same channel. now i can't do that. i have to rely on the recommended videos and the "next" video that youtube puts on the right. i don't want to load another page to see what other videos he has.
3. playlists: i can't save playlist i find anymore.......


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