Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 20 Most Profitable Merch Pieces

Here's a great chart that comes by way of Digital Music News and merchandise manufacturer Jakprints on the 20 most profitable merch pieces. As you can see, patches and stickers have the largest profit margin, normally costing 20 to 40 cents and selling for $3 to $4, but they're also a great giveaway as they're small, which makes them an ideal promo item. Unfortunately, most artists/bands think of T-shirts first when it comes to merch items, while some of the other items on the chart can be a far better promotion and better revenue source.

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Nathan Hulse said...

It would be interesting to know which piece of merchandise sells most though. No point getting 100 or 1000 colour stickers made up if you'd be lucky to sell only 10. Yet sell a full box of t-shirts, even if the profit margin isn't so high.

Jef Knight said...

It would be necessary to see this chart laid out in the order of what gets actually purchased by fans for it to be really meaningful, huh?


Aaron Meier said...

The previous posters are right, of course...it does come down to what fans are buying. But it seems to me that you treat these items the same as any other business treats them...you push them at every possible turn. If a fan buys a CD, asks if they want a sticker or a magnet to go with it. Set up your display table so that these items are highly visible nearest to wherever you collect the money. Display them at the door so people notice them when they're paying admission. Put them anywhere that money is exchanging hands. There's a reason the shelves at cash registers are overflowing with these kinds of low-cost "impulse" items.

Eric Wade said...

If there are some proper guidelines to the beginner they must grow in this industry. Hope in this way they can grow and earn much more profit than these things mention above.


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