Monday, August 20, 2012

Why You're Losing Facebook Fans

Facebook image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
CD Baby's DIY Musician blog recently ran an article entitled "10 Reasons Why You're Losing Facebook Fans." You can read the entire article on their site, but I thought I'd pick out a few that I feel are especially relevant.
  • Constantly asking for people to vote for you. Contrary to what shows like American Idol and The Voice may tell you, music isn’t a competition. Sure, you can take your career to new places and get your fans engaged with the occasional songwriting, performance, or fan-voting contest, but stop entering every damn one you come across. It looks a little desperate.
  • Posting your stream of consciousness updates every 20 minutes. If you’re posting more than a few times a day, it better be good stuff! Don’t use your Facebook band page as your personal profile. The few folks who might care what you’re up to every day will stop caring quick.
  • Requiring someone to do something before they can hear your music. People don’t like to jump through hoops. Let fans listen to your music right away– even if it’s only a couple tracks.
  • Advertising by posting on someone else’s wall. Remember MySpace? This is the kinda nonsense that would happen on MySpace all the time– and why people stopped using it. Do NOT put your marketing messages on other people’s Facebook walls. That is what YOUR wall is for.
  • Begging for “likes”. It’s probably OK once or twice a year to ask your friends on Facebook to “like” your band page. Don’t make a weekly habit of the practice, though. Your band page won’t get “liked,” and you might just get de-friended.
There are five additional items that are worth taking a look at, but these are the ones that personally bug me the most. Remember, online etiquette is just as important as personal etiquette.

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Michael Vogt said...

I was wondering if we are a rare exception. I am turning 60 in 1 month and my wife is 56. We love electronic dance music, from house, electro house,progressive, trance, deep house, some dub step, DnB, trap...
It gives us a feeling of uplift and energy, but it is not the main reason: it literally transforms any mood prior to putting on some good wireless headphones and crank them up while under black light, laser light and other lighting effects, we are making (dance I hope) moves that I was never dreaming about I would be able to physically perform, like it is done through us. We sometime experience a true state of bliss, in which everything around us subsides, and with that all thinking has ceased, while the words "Who will save the world" or "Reload" are repeating at a rhythm that seem to take my wife and me into another dimension. We were wondering if we are the exception. It shows when we attend DJs and we get high fives. When we saw the beach boys and the lip sync of their singer with nothing but dead people around us still trying to reenact the 60s, made us rethink our desire to stay young. We feel transformed by EDM. I am director of operations in a softwarevstartup,many my wife is a teacher, upper middle class, and enjoy every we can go to.
Diane and Michael Vogt


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