Sunday, July 15, 2012

Women Singers Dominate Highest Paid Under 30

Taylor Swift Speak Now cover image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Forbes has recently posted their highest paid entertainers under 30 list, and it's probably no surprise that so many women make up the list. The interesting thing is that so many of them are singers. Here's how much person on the list made in the last year.

1. Taylor Swift - $57 million. Her concerts now bring in about a million a night.

2.  Justin Bieber - $55 million. He's also a venture capitalist, with investments in Spotify, Stamped and Tinychat.

3. Rihanna - $53 million. She gets big money from endorsements and sponsorships.

4. Lady Gaga - $52 million. But down from $90 mil last year.

5. Katy Perry - $45 million. Still hot even though her film bombed.

6. Adele - $35 million. 21 is still on the charts and going strong.

7. Kristen Stewart - $34.5 million. Film stars still do make money.

8. Lil Wayne - $27 million. The bulk of his income comes from live shows, earning about $600k per.

9. Taylor Lautner - $26.5 million. Twilight was bigger than we thought.

10. Robert Pattinson - $26.5 million. Again, Twilight was far bigger than we thought.

It should be no surprise that the audience for most of those on the list was teen and pre-teenage girls. What is a surprise is how much spendable cash they have.

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Nichole said...

I've been a huge #Sade fan for a long time now, but I'm forever astounded at her 30 year path of Success. Other than her Quality Voice,Superb Band,and All Ages Consistent High Sales with Each New Release, how has she been able to have Maintained a "HOME of Major Label Support" of 1 New LP Released ~ every 7-10 yrs? And it's only about the Music -- I'm not aware of any endorsements--only Her Great Music that Speaks for itself. Many Great Women Singers/Artists struggle with maintaining their Record Label Support even within a 2-3 yr period. Sade seems to be the Rarity here in being able to just be herself and to do exactly what she wants to do. Is a Sade type career path impossible for Superb Young Women Singers/Artists who want Quality Support on a Major Record Label today?


Bobby Owsinski said...


Label support for a Sade-type artist is probably less likely these days, but not impossible. An extraordinary artist with an audience will always get their attention.

Nichole said...

Thanks Bobby.




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