Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facebook User Satisfaction Falling

Facebook image at Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
I guess we should've expected this sooner or later, but according to a newly released study of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Facebook dropped 8 points from their survey of last year. The score of 61 out of 100 is the 4rth lowest score among all 230 companies scored in the index, and it's the lowest of any Internet company.

But let's put this into perspective, Twitter and Linkedin only scored a little higher at 64 and 63 respectively, which are both in the bottom 10 of all companies polled. Pinterest received a score of 69, YouTube a 73, and most surprising of all, Google+ topped them all with a 78, which tied Wikipedia.

So why is Facebook's user satisfaction dropping like a rock? Here are the 9 features that users most dislike, according to the Huffington Post:

1. Timeline
2. Constant Game Updates 
3. Game Invitations
4. Ticker
5. Check-ins
6. Newsfeed
7. Pokes
8. Facebook Chat
9. Registrations

Facebook's stock may have gained a little momentum, but it doesn't seem to matter to its users. Could it be a matter of time before it turns into MySpace or Friendster?

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Jef Knight said...

I think that having gone public, shareholders might wish to maximize profits by forcing some changes.


Michael Gangi said...

I like Timeline. Everything else is worth a complaint...especially game invites. Hate them!!

Léo Saramago said...

I don't believe it has to do with features... I think it's all about the nature of human relationships and how web social networking expands way beyond the obvious simplistic analysis. For example, a huge list of awkward situations might derive from the simple fact that an employee had refused to accept his/her boss as a friend(or the other way around) on FB. The interface between real life social codes and virtual life social codes has not found its balance yet. People might migrate to another network and start a new cycle all over again.

Anonymous said...

What Léo said. Right on the money. And it's going to be a while, I predict, before any kind of balance is found, as the technology continues to change so quickly.

Craig said...

There are some things that I love about FB, like setting up events (BBQ's, Camping etc) and definitely don't like a lot of the things listed above.

That said, I took the time to go carefully through my security settings to filter stuff I don't want to see and also am pretty liberal in changing my preferences on individual's posts to "Only Important" or I outright block all invites etc. if they annoy me. It seems to work out pretty well, but it does take some time.

David John Lanier said...

Here's the problem. Facebook's original appeal was simplicity. You either shared a piece of flare, posted a photo, or wrote on someones wall. Also, it was very private; there was no news feed.

Now, it's total chaos.

What started as an online college directory created by and for Harvard students, has now become everyone's online soapbox/diary. Not to mention the Gov's All Seeing Eye from the 1984 scenario.

My new favorite is Instagram. Pictures, comments, privacy. Perhaps they won't screw that up and sell their souls to the devil.


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