Monday, June 11, 2012

When People Read Email

Boomerang For Gmail, a service that allows you to schedule your email through your Chrome browser, recently analyzed 5 million emails and discovered a number of interesting facts.
  • Most people read most of their emails from 5AM to 7AM, and read the least from 1PM to 4PM.
  • However, most people think that people read their email at 8 to 9AM. 
  • The best words to use in the title to get a response are "Apply, Opportunity, Demo, Connect, Payments, Conference, Cancellation."
  • The worst words to use in the title are "Confirm, Join, Assistance, Speaker, Press, Social, Invite."
But there's more. The average person gets a lot of email.
  • The average email user receives 147 messages every day and spends more than 2 1/2 hours on email every day.
  • On average, we delete 71 of those, which takes just under 5 minutes.
  • On average, we get 12 messages a day that require substantial work, and they take almost 90 minutes to complete.
  • The average person writes 40 email messages a day and each one takes an average of 72 seconds to write.
  • Deciding to defer an email for later takes about 10 seconds.
  • 77% of people expect a response to their email within 2 days.
If your newsletter is important to your marketing (and you know it is), remember that your fans get a lot of email and you have to stand out from the clutter. Send it at the right time and use the right title to make sure that it's read.

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