Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How To Connect With Video Influencers

It's always about relationships, whether in our every day lives or online. We can't get ahead in life or business unless we cultivate those friendships, and that goes for promotion as well. But how to you pitch someone who has more influence that you without either coming off as needy or as spam?

Here's an interesting video from Tim Schmoyer at reelseo.com that shows you one of the best ways to connect with a video influencer (or any influencer for that matter) to build a relationship.

If you don't have the time to watch it, Tim's 6 tips are simple:

1. Become engaged in other creators blogs and videos
2. Be genuine
3. Start with your niche
4. Collaborate with others at your level
5. Give a glowing review
6. Invest the time.

Watch the video as Tim explains in depth.

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Jef Knight said...

Thanks for posting this, Bobby.

This Tim guy has some pretty great ideas.

I've been following this blog since in first appeared. Been following both your blogs, actually, but it's videos like this one that give me the boost I need at breakfast, cuz the decalf's really not doin' it... ;)


rob smith said...

Great video and I couldn't agree more, thought this was very informative and fun to watch at the same time. :)


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