Thursday, May 24, 2012

Music Sales Directly After The Show

Ovation Tower Kiosks image from Bobby Owsinski's Music 3.0 blog
Let's say you just played a great show that beats all of the studio tracks that you've recorded. Your fans would be eager to purchase the music right there on the spot if it were available. It's the perfect impulse purchase. The problem is that while it's easy to record the show, making it immediately available isn't that easy. Until now.

Migratory Music has a new system called the Ovation Tower that does just that. Now your fan can purchase a recording of the show and download it as an MP3 to their favorite MP3 player, or have a download link sent to them by email. The kiosks are also capable of selling recorded music from your catalog as well as present advertising.

No word on any of the details on how it's done, how much time it takes, or what the cost might be (except for the fact that they're aiming for "less than $20" to the end user).

I can see a venue installing this and then taking a piece of the sales from the bands. That sounds easier than it is, since we get into the whole legal area of publishing rights, but that hurdle is easy to overcome if there's a new revenue stream coming on the scene.

Check out this short video on the system. I'll post more details as I discover them.

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Jef Knight said...


Beautiful looking gizmo.

But really small acts, like me, probably can't afford it.

The problem I see with Mid sized, and esecially large sized, venues/crowds is that it only services 5 people at a time. It would have to have the speed of a swipe card to be manageable.

Can you imagine even a 1000 seater where 400 people want to use this?

I can't imagine that the venue owners will want those guys hanging around for the, what, hour it'll take...or more?

Still, great premise and very lovely tech.


Bobby Owsinski said...

It seems to have its downsides, Jef, but it also seems to be the best option right now if it works. I guess we'll have to see it in operation to know for sure.


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