Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What It Takes To Earn Minimun Wage

minimum wage graphic from Music 3.0 blog
Here are some depressing stats if you're an artist. In order for a solo artist to earn the US monthly minimum wage of $1,160, this is the quantity of music you must sell:
  • Spotify streams - 4, 053,110
  • Last.FM streams - 1,546,667
  • Rhapsody streams - 849,817
  • iTunes Tracks - ($0.99) - 12,399
  • iTunes Albums ($9.99) - 1,229
  • Retail Album CDs ($9.99) - 1,161
The list sure makes CD sales look good, doesn't it?

In actuality, if you think you're going to make a career in music as an artist, it's best to get it out of your mind right now that the bulk of your income will be from music sales of any type. It's never been that way before in the business, and it certainly isn't that way now. In fact, 95% of the money that most major artists make come from sources other than music sales, like publishing, touring, merch and sponsorship.

Remember, as stated over and over in Music 3.0your music is your marketing. It enhances your ability to make money in other ways.
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Anonymous said...

Are these stats based on solo artists signed to major labels?

Bobby Owsinski said...

No, to any artist.


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