Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cities That Are Most Influential To Music

research graphic from Music 3.0 blog
While London, New York and Paris are the leaders in fashion, it's been assumed that the media centers of Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and London do the same for music. Now 2 researchers from the Clique Research Cluster in Ireland have research that compiles data from 200 cities going back to 2003 that finally sifts through 60 billion pieces of data to finally determine if that assumption is really true.

What did they find? It appears that we've had it all wrong all this time. The study showed the following:
  • Montreal leads North America in its influence on indie music, while Paris does the same in Europe.
  • Surprisingly, Oslo leads in overall influence in all music of Europe.
  • Atlanta drives hip hop (no surprise there).
  • Richmond, Virginia and Columbus, Ohio are more influential for new music that New York.
  • Surprisingly enough, the major cities of New York, LA, London and Chicago placed near the middle of the influence chart in all parts of the study.
Although there's a tremendous amount of data involved, I'm not so sure that the results are the last word in world listening habits after reading the report. But it does prove that many of our long held assumptions may not be correct either. The lesson here is that what we knew was a fact before may not be now in our Music 3.0 world.

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Anonymous said...

Went to the Clique site. Couldn't find the source doc.

Still, my own research bears this out.



Anonymous said...

Being a musician and having lived in Paris for 18months in 2009 and 2010 and now living in London I would be very interested in your data and points of research. More and more concert-cafés and venues are closing down due to higher permission fees, higher rents and the saturation of population within the Periphéric (highway around Paris defying the postcode 75 which is île de france/Paris). Although the population of postcode 75 is saturated it is almost not possible to build new houses/buildings due to a very regulated heritage-city-law. Therefore more and more venues become shops dependant on franchise systems. Many musicians, such as I, have moved away from Paris due to the immanent increase of rent and the lack of playing possibilities.
This is only my personal experience and makes me curious about your data! Cheers

Bobby Owsinski said...

You can find the full report here.


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