Monday, February 6, 2012

15 Artist Revenue Opportunities

Clyde Smith recently posted a nice compilation of revenue opportunities at Hypebot that I thought everyone should know about. One of the great things about Music 3.0 is that there are a lot of sources of income. You might not get a substantial income from any single one, but start to put them together and it really adds up.

Here are the 15 revenue opportunities available to artists for 2012:

1. Alternative Performance Venues
ConcertsInYourHome ~

2. New Retail Outlets
Melodica Marketing
~ Offline Music Distribution Network

3. Affiliate Programs
Amazon Associates
~ iTunes Affiliate

4. Unique & Interesting Band Merch
~ Dizzyjam vs. Bitvibe ~ Shirtify

5. Ecommerce & Direct to Fan
~ CD Baby MusicStore ~ FanBridge on Facebook

6. Find Unique Pairings
Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box

7. Music Licensing
Vimeo x Audiosocket ~ Audiosocket MaaS: Storefront

8. Mixes That Pay
~ Legitmix

9. Digital Archives
Fugazi & The Rolling Stones ~

10. Live Streams
~ StageIt ~ StreamJam

11. Sell Your Knowledge
Ebooks ~ MuseSpring

12. You Have to Give Before You Can Give Back
Downtime Facebook App
~ Ramble At The Ryman

13. Find Your Love
Blood, Sweat + Vinyl

14. Find Your Crowd
Crowdfunding ~ Patronism ~ TuneRights

15. Save Money

Go here to read the entire Hypebot article.

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mamahustle said... is a new site for #14 that's opening soon! Thanks for posting all these sites! I haven't heard of most of them, so it will be great diving into them and seeing what's offered!

themusicbed said...

it's really appreciable message for every body thanks for sharing this information.Music Licensing


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