Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where Are The Most Concerts?

A new survey by the ticket search company Seat Geek has revealed some very interesting information regarding where concerts are being held in the United States this summer.

As you can see from the chart:

1) Las Vegas is now the mecca of concerts, which is no surprise, followed by Washington DC and Missouri, which are both huge surprises.

2) The South has the least concerts per capita while the NorthEast has the most, but more surprising is that California is one of the those states with a lesser concert density than others.

3) To bad if you live in Alaska. There are no concerts scheduled there this summer!

Now what qualifies as a concert hasn't been specified, but it seems to be major touring acts. Nonetheless, doesn't it seem like some markets are under-served here? It seems to me that artists, managers, agents and promoters are leaving some money on the table here.
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Steve Harvey said...

Missouri shouldn't be a surprise, Bobby - Branson, MO has a lot of venues and is a Mecca for country music.

I think concert density may decrease west of the Rockies simply because population centers are so dispersed. It's a long drive between major cities, unlike the NE, especially.

I am surprised by the South being under-served, though.

Brad said...

The south is extremely under-served. We've had some good shows in the Ga/Fla border area, but they are few are far between. I have to travel anywhere from 100 miles to Jacksonville or 250 miles to Atlanta to see a show. I remember going to a show 3 times a month, sometimes more during the 80's. Those were packed out arena shows for the most part. The shows are not available anymore and most acts are doing shorter tours.


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