Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Social Distortion Allows You To Control The Price

Hard Times and Nursery RhymesPunk band Social Distortion has found a new twist on allowing their fans to control the pricing of their next album. For every 100,000 streams of songs from their album Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes, the price drops a dollar on the sales price when the album is released on Amazon on January 18. There's a bit of exclusivity in the deal in that it only applies to Amazon sales in the US>

The band uses the following scale:

0  streams - $12.99
100k streams - $11.99
200k streams - $10.99
300k streams - $9.99
400k streams - $8.99
500k streams - $7.99

The band is also offering a price guarantee, meaning that whatever price you pay for the preorder, you'll end up paying only the amount that the price ends up at on January 18 after all the streams are counted.

Unfortunately, they're only sold a bit above 100,000 with about a week to go, so the discount is limited, but you've got to hand it to them for thinking out of the box in terms of pricing and promotion. Then again, they've gotten more than 128,000 paid downloads even before the album came out, which is a pretty effective variable pricing promotion after all.

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