Friday, November 19, 2010

10 Cities With The Best Music Crowds

Songkick, the site that tracks live music, just released the ten best cities to listen to music, and perform it as well. This was based on the number of gigs available, audience sizes, and ticket prices. Based on these criteria, the cities were given a "Rock" score (the survey was more about rock music), with 100 being the best. There are a couple of surprises here.

1. Austin (Rock Score: 100; average ticket price $23.30)
2. Madison (78; $13.05)
3. New Orleans ( 57; $16.89)
4. Las Vegas (51; $62.76)
5. Denver (44; $33.24)
6. Milwaukee (38; $17.66)
7. Twin Cities (36; $11.36)
8. Seattle (35; $11.75)
9. Portland (OR) (35; $10.33)
10. Nashville (34; $20.13)

Although great music towns, I never would've expected Madison, Milwaukee, Portland or the Twin Cities to appear this high.

If you're an unknown band, that doesn't mean people will come to hear you play in these cities. You still have to do all the grunt work to build your visibility and audience. But if you're getting some traction already, these are definitely places to visit on your next tour.

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