Monday, October 4, 2010

The Reality Of Tweets

Online marketing firm Sysomos recently performed a survey on tweets from the last two months and found found some interesting points:

1) There were over 1.2 billion tweets during the two month period.

2) Only 29% of those tweets generated a reaction.

3) 92% of retweets happen within the first hour, 1.6% happen in the second hour, and less than 1% in the third hour.

4) 85% of tweets have only a single reply, 10.7% attract a reply to the original reply, and only 1.5% are three levels deep.

What does this data tell you? Just like any kind of content, the popularity depends on the quality. If you tweet crap, don't expect it to be read or for it to go viral. If you really have something to say, it still might not go viral, but at least you have a chance.

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