Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New Marketing Trifecta

Here's a great chart that illustrates what's become known as the new "marketing trifecta" in the Music 3.0 age.

If you read this blog often then you know that I'm a big proponent of developing and nurturing an email list, which is outlined as one of the spokes of the trifecta by this graphic. If you're not involved in social media (the second spoke) than you're missing a huge opportunity to connect with new fans and existing ones. And since everyone has a cell phone these days (the third spoke), how can you not use it as a marketing tool?

Here are a few interesting items from the graphic:
  • 97% of all households use email 
  • 66% of all marketers now use social media as part of their overall campaign strategy
  • 75% of all households connected to the Internet use some form of social media
  • 91% of email campaigns also use Facebook as part of their campaign, 83.9% on Twitter, 48% Linkedin, 34.3% YouTube, and 3.7% Foursquare
  • There are 285 million mobile devices in use in the United States (that's over 91% of the population) and 70 million of those are Smartphones
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Sparqee said...

"97% of all households use email". This claim makes me wonder about the scope of these statistics. Is it "97% of households with computers"? It certainly isn't a "world wide" statistics and even in America 97% of households do not have computers.

Statistics are really quite meaningless without a clear explanation of the scope.

Bobby Owsinski said...

You're right. I expressed it incorrectly. It should've said, "97% of households with computers."


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