Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iPad Owners Consume More

Apple's iPad was an instant success from the moment it was introduced and seems to be making great inroads in more places and demographics than anyone anticipated. One of the more interesting aspects of the unit is how much content an iPad owner consumes.

According to some new research from Nielsen entitled "The Increasingly Connected Consumer," iPad users:

  - are typically male (65%)
  - are under age 35 (63%)
  - have incomes over $100k (25%)
  - regularly access TV shows (25% vs. 11% on the iPhone)
  - buy more books (39% vs 13% for iPhone)
  - buy more movies (32% vs 12%)
  - are more likely to view ads that have interesting content (49%)
  - enjoy ads with interactive features (46%)

Contrast that to owners of videogame console systems when surveyed by Knowledge Networks and said:

  - 21% of viewers watch TV programs or movies using the game console at least once a month, which broke out like this:

    All persons 13-54        13-31      32-45     46-54
DVDs              17%          27%        13%       7%
Blu-ray discs      6            10             4          2
Streamed or       6            11             3          1
downloaded video
Overall use      21%          31%       17%       8%

What this all means is that we now consume all types of media on all types of devices. By not taking devices like game consoles, smart phones, and iPad tablets into consideration when distributing content potentially leaves money on the table.

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