Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 Best Digital Music Startups

Since we looked at the 10 worst music industry disasters a few days ago, lets look at the 10 best Digital Music startups, according to Billboard Magazine.

1. The startup of the year is, a new site that offers $5 a month, all your can stream over the web or $10 a month on mobile.

2. is a new video portal owned by Universal Music, Sony and Abu Dhabi Media (a strange combination), and hosted by Youtube and Google. allows you to organize and track your favorite bands and track concerts and dates. 

4. is  a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers, and just about anybody else.

5. is a music discovery and recommendation platform.

6. is another band page site, although it does have the ability to submit songs to radio stations around the world.

7.NEXT BIG is a music analytics site that allows users to track mentions of their favorite bands and musical artists across a variety of major music websites: music plays on and MySpace, fans on FacebookiLike,, MySpace and Twitter, band page views on MySpace, and band page comments on MySpace.

8. offers free MP3 music downloads and streaming while the artists still get paid by matching brands to artists and listeners.

9. HELLO acts as both a filter and a traffic manager, placing good music with partners such as Yahoo! Music and Getty Images. 

10. MY is a technology company that develops cloud computing software solutions to optimize copyright ownership identification.
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