Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is The TJ The New Voice Of The Artist?

I just read about MTV's search for a an official twitterer, which they're calling a TJ (you know, Twitter Jock) and I think it's a brilliant idea. No, not because they're hiring someone to be their Twitter voice, but for creating the title.

Until now, anyone who twittered on behalf of an artist or corporate entity was viewed as more of a surrogate who did the job because the artist couldn't or wouldn't. Fans were usually upset when they found out that it wasn't the artist, and if they knew it was the surrogate up front, they took the communication lightly.

By giving the job an official name, the position now has some status that the fan or friend will hold in a greater esteem (as long as the job is done well, that is). It's exactly the position that's been needed in a band or artist's online presence.

So hat's off to MTV. You've created something greater than you know.

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