Monday, June 7, 2010

Finding Keywords With Google Suggest

Here's a great way to use Google's suggestion feature to find keywords. Google Suggest is the phrases that appear below the Google search box as you type.

As you see on graphic on the left, I typed in the beginning of the title of one of my books, The Studio Musician's Handbook. Underneath it came up 10 suggestions all having to do with studio musicians. Now these may not be exactly on the mark with the title of the book, but they do indicate recent searches with "studio musicians" in the phrase.

If I use a few of these phrases as my keyword metadata, I'm more likely to have anyone that's interested in anything about studio musicians find my book. This is because Google now gives a certain amount of weight to keyword diversity, as well as keyword density (if anything, diversity is even more important).

You can use this the same way by typing in your name or the name of your band and take a look at the suggestions. These will probably make better keyword phrases than anything you can come up with.

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