Thursday, April 8, 2010

Find Keywords With Google's Wonder Wheel

Google has a great feature that just about nobody knows about called the "Wonder Wheel." It's a visual way to find related keywords (and keyword phrases) quickly and easily. Here's how it works.

1) After you do a normal search, click on the Show Options button just above the first page rank as in Graphic 1.

2) Now choose the Wonder Wheel option from the list options as in Graphic 2.

3) A Wonder Wheel will appear with your chosen keyword in the middle of the wheel, and different keywords at it's spokes, as in Graphic 3.

4) If you click on any of the keywords at the spokes, a new sub-wheel will appear with additional keywords, as in Graphic 4.

One of the reasons that you want additional keywords is that Google now looks at keyword diversity as well as keyword density in your copy text on a web or blog. Therefore, the more related keywords you have, the more it will improve your search ranking.

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