Wednesday, March 3, 2010

15 Biggest Baby-Boomer Brands

If you ever wonder why so much advertising money is spent on teen buyers instead of the demographic that actually has some money to spend (baby-boomers), the answer is that once you've established a buying pattern, you'll continue to buy that product for life.

That's why Judann Pollack's recent article in Ad Age regarding the 15 biggest baby-boomer brands is so interesting. All the products came of age just as the boomers did, and the boomers have never strayed since. I'm surprised at a few of these, and even more surprised at their ranking, but having lived through that era I can understand the choices.

15 Biggest Baby-Boomer Brands

1) Levi's

2) Harley Davidson

3) Volkswagen

4) Slinky

5) Noxzema

6) The Beatles

7) L'eggs

8) Pepsi

9) Absolut Vodka

10) Saturday Night Live

11) Facebook

12) Fry Boots

13) Coach Bags

14) Club Med

15) Clairol

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