Monday, February 1, 2010

The Number of Followers Isn't Important

There's too much emphasis on the number of friends, contacts or followers that one has these days. Regardless of whether we're talking about a social network or email list, to many, it's just a game and the one with the most friends wins.

In Music 3.0, that's not how it works though. The number of friends is really irrelevant. It's the quality of those connections that are important. Big Twitter follower numbers don't matter much if most of your contacts ignore your communication. They have to truly want what you have to offer for the connection to be worth much.

In fact, your focus should be on how often you connect and collaborate with your followers, since that's far more important than the shear numbers of followers that you have. You have friends and followers for a reason, and that's because they believe that you can offer something helpful or something interesting to them, or in the case of music, something they really want to experience. You are there for them, not the other way around.

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