Sunday, January 10, 2010

Consumer Electronics And Social Media

Just came back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (for a full report, see my Big Picture blog) and saw a number of significant trends that were surprising for social media and how it relates to musicians.

First of all, more and more television models are now social media aware, with direct connections online to a variety of video hosting sites. This integration bodes well for social media in general as it's not a large jump to be connected to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or any other networking site. Imagine being able to discuss a television show or video on a split screen of a 55 inch monitor with your online friends while you're watching it. That's the future and it's almost here.

Imagine speaking with friends via Skype over your television. Imagine watching the same show from different locations while seeing each other as if you're in the same room. That's here now, as a number of manufacturers showed models with built-in Skype capabilities.

And while 3D doesn't have anything to do with social media directly, it was the theme of the show. So what, you say? The do-it-yourself nature of Music 3.0 means that anything is possible from creation to distribution and marketing, but 3D was a technology beyond the do-it-yourselfer - until  now. Panasonic showed a prototype of a 3D camcorder that will be within reach of the masses at $21,000. Still expensive, I know, but within reach price-wise and bound to decrease in cost as the technology evolves. Sooner than you think, you may be able to have your own music video version of Avatar ready for distribution via YouTube. And social media will move from the computer to the living room.

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